Gunite is a type of construction material commonly used in the building of structures like swimming pools, tunnels, retaining walls, and more.

It is a mixture of dry cement and sand, which is pneumatically applied at high velocity onto a surface using a hose. Water is added to the nozzle to mix with the dry ingredients, and the resulting wet mixture is sprayed onto the desired surface. The application process is typically performed by skilled workers, often referred to as shotcrete or gunite crews.

Gunite is known for its durability and strength, making it a popular choice for projects that require a strong and long-lasting concrete structure. It adheres well to irregular surfaces and can be used for both vertical and overhead applications. Additionally, it is often used in swimming pool construction due to its ability to create curved and customized shapes.

There are two main types of applications for gunite:

Dry-Mix Process

In this process, the dry mixture of cement and sand is conveyed through a hose to a nozzle where water is added just before it is sprayed onto the surface. This method allows for better control of the mix and is commonly used in construction projects.

Wet-Mix Process

In this process, the cement and water are mixed together before being pumped through a hose and sprayed onto the surface. The wet-mix process is often used for repair and smaller-scale applications.

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Swimming Pool Construction

Gunite allows for the creation of custom shapes and designs, and its durability makes it an ideal choice for pool structures.

Pool Renovation

Gunite can also be used to renovate existing swimming pools. It’s used to resurface pool interiors, and reinforce the pool structure.

Water Features

Gunite is used to create water features like waterfalls, fountains, and ponds in landscaping and garden designs.

Decorative Concrete

Gunite can be sprayed in artistic patterns and textures for aesthetic effects in landscaping and architectural projects.

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